Sanitizing & Safety Procedures

We understand things can get messy sometimes. All our products are handled with care using a 4-step process you can trust. Every piece of equipment is meticulously cleaned and inspected before it gets to you.


Cleaning & Sanitization

No product is cleaned the same way; each piece of gear requires its own special treatment to ensure the safety of the equipment is not compromised. Because of this we use a few different cleaning methods paired with safe, non toxic supplies parents trust to ensure that, when the gear gets to you, it is clean, sanitized and ready to explore PEI.

Safe Products

Water with mild detergents free of fragrances and dyes.

Safe Soaps

Dye and scent free soaps like Castile soap to remove germs, dirt, and stains.


ATTITUDE cleaning line - Unscented & Kid friendly products


No crumb gets left behind with our Dyson cleaning tools.


Microfiber and Mr. Sun help ensure all products are completely dry prior to use. Preventing mold and mildew from developing, especially on products such as highchair seat fabrics.


Reassembly of product - Hours of training on how to assemble, use and care for each product means the gear you're renting is cared for in the safest way possible.

Steam Cleaning

Following a top to bottom, 360 clean. Some products will be steamed to help get rid of the tough stuff. We follow all manufacturer guidelines regarding safe practices for cleaning.

Car Seats

Take extra care and time to ensure cleaning is done in a way to not compromise safety. We use only products on car seats that are deemed car seat safe.

We use a combination of water and mild detergent or soap such as Castile Soap, unscented dish soaps, free and clear laundry detergents to remove germs, dirt, stains, bacteria & viruses. We take extra care with straps and buckles. Drying of any excess water and moisture with microfiber cloths. We then let the fabrics & frame dry completely with fans or sunshine to prevent mold or rusting.


Soak, saturate, or submerge harnesses or any straps.

“Hose down” or power wash car seats.

Use harsh cleaners of any kind on the crotch buckle or chest clip.

Note: The car seats that we carry in our inventory all have seat fabrics that are machine washable. These fabrics will be washed per manufacturer instructions.